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Google Chrome Canary is an Alpha version of the famous browser and is aimed to web developers so that they can work with the search engine without losing the original version of Chrome. This allows them to try the different features and run both browsers at the same time with different configuration.

Google Canary was designed so that users can contribute to the development of a better version of Chrome. You can try everything you want in order to introduce future changes in the updates of the main browser.

You have to keep in mind that the user may find this version a little unstable since it is prone to breakdowns, but that won't affect your stable version of Google Chrome at any time. You can have both versions installed at the same time and there won't be any problems between them.

Another important feature is that developers can work with new functions and Chrome APIs, in addition to relying on all the features that are available in the normal version, including Flash and PDF reader.
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